Investments of over $ 100 M for a major bus  infrastructure project

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Investments of over $ 100 M for a major
bus  infrastructure project

Montreal, October 4, 2007 -  The Québec Minister of Transport and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region, Julie Boulet, and Claude Trudel, Chairman of the STM Board of Directors, today announced the expansion of the STM’s Legendre bus garage, as well as the construction of a new body work shop.  

Estimated at 102 million dollars, this major project will be carried out thanks to a considerable  financial contribution by Transports Québec, set at 75% of eligible expenditures. Indeed, Mr. Trudel wished to acknowledge the Minister of Transport for taking concrete action in favour of further developing public transportation.  

“By investing $76.5 M in this project, we are contributing to improving public transportation services for the citizens of the Greater Montreal area. Indeed, these two buildings will help improve the reliability of services, but mostly they will house the new articulated buses. This project is in direct relation to the Politique québécoise du transport collectif, Québec’s policy on public transportation, that aims for a 16% increase in services and an 8% increase in ridership by 2012,” declared Mrs. Boulet.  

Works will begin shortly and should be completed by July 2009. They will enable the STM to replace much of its current installations with new facilities designed to handle the maintenance of fibreglass-built buses and to house articulated buses.  

“The decision to go ahead with this construction work will spare the STM from further expenditures to upkeep an obsolete building, one that is no longer able to meet the company’s future needs,” declared Mr. Trudel.  

Lastly, Mr. Trudel emphasized how the STM, while planning this project, opted for an ecological approach, one that confirms its commitment to sustainable development. “Indeed, we have made choices to specifically ensure that these buildings are greener: recycling 15 million litres of water each year from washing buses, vegetation barriers, 950 square metres of green roof, 500 square metres of solar walls, and a rainwater storage pond with plant material, among others,” concluded Mr. Trudel.

Click here to read the speech by Mr. Claude Trudel.

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