STM travel recommendations during COP15


Montréal often hosts large-scale events, and as the central mobility hub in the city, the STM will be ready for COP15—a major event that reflects our values.

Montréal transportation network teams are working with the City of Montréal, the SPVM and the organizing bodies. STM customers and visitors alike will be able to use the bus and métro network to get around the area efficiently.

The measures put in place will ensure the safety and security of our métro infrastructure while meeting the mobility needs of citizens, customers and visitors. 

  • To ensure safe, efficient bus service around the secure perimeter, the STM will temporarily suspend some stops once fencing has been installed, starting November 14. Customers of bus lines 55, 129, 361, 363 and 365 will see some changes to their trips in the area, but we are not planning on suspending any routes. The full list of detours can be found here.
  • At the request of authorities, Place-d’Armes station will be closed from December 1 to 20 for safety reasons. The métro will run normally on the Orange line, but will not stop at this station.
  • Paratransit customers who must travel in the Palais des Congrès area will be able to do so they may experience some delays.

Real-time information
These measures are constantly evolving and, depending on the security protocols in place, STM teams will be proactive and flexible to meet the specific and urgent needs of COP15, which could impact the service offering to customers. Customers who intend on using public transit in the area are urged to plan their trips in advance to ensure that they have the latest information. Various real-time information tools (desktop and mobile websites, Transit and Chrono apps) will be used to best cover the operational impacts, both planned and temporary, of this large-scale event. All relevant information for customers and visitors can be found on the STM's web site.

Delegates using transit
The STM will deploy additional staff at Montréal-Trudeau international airport during expected peak travel periods. A special fare will also be available for the delegates. Temporary service adjustments are planned for the 747 bus line to ensure that delegates enjoy smooth travel and that their stay in Montréal is a positive experience.

COP15 and public transit: a logical choice
Through extensive planning and close collaboration with COP15 partners and authorities, the STM has ensured that it is fully prepared to make public transit a sustainable and efficient travel choice for everyone during this major international summit.