Paratransit: Service is back to normal


All restrictions on intercity travel have been lifted since December 3rd.

Working tirelessly to improve trips for vulnerable customers affected by the labour shortage in the taxi industry, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is announcing that all restrictions on intercity travel have been lifted in its paratransit service since December 3rd, 2022. It is therefore a return to the zero refusal policy as this was the last exceptional measure applied to provide the service.

On August 15, the STM had to implement several exceptional measures to mitigate the effects of the shortage and continue providing its paratransit service. On August 31, the STM and the eight taxi service providers with whom it does business reached an agreement to, among other things, maintain the current pool of drivers who provide paratransit services and attract new drivers to keep pace with growing ridership. Thanks to this new agreement, new taxi drivers have stepped up which now allows the STM to meet demand.

Paratransit at the STM

The STM has provided door-to-door paratransit service for people with disabilities since 1980. Around 29,000 customers use the service to travel on and around the Island of Montréal, with 86 STM minibuses providing 12% of trips and eight regular and accessible taxi services providing 88% of trips.