New STM fare schedule in effect starting July 1


The STM wishes to remind its customers that it will soon implement a new fare schedule, as the second phase of the metropolitan fare reform is set to take effect on July 1.

Bus, métro and paratransit customers are advised to stay well informed to prepare for these changes.

Enhanced assistance will be provided by teams on the ground, and  information about the new fare schedule implemented across the STM network can be found on the website:

Zones and modes of transportation

The entire metropolitan area will be divided into four major zones. The agglomeration of Montréal will be Zone A, the City of Laval and the agglomeration of Longueuil will be Zone B, the northern and southern suburbs will be Zone C, and all the municipalities outside the territory of the ARTM will be covered by Zone D. Transit fares will need to be valid in the zone of the customer’s starting point, any zones they pass through, and in the zone of the customer’s end point.

In addition to the new territory divisions, the fare reform will also be built around two fare categories. The All Modes fare will give access to all public transit options (bus, métro, train, and the REM when it becomes operational), with prices varying according to the number of zones needed for a trip. The Bus fare will provide access to nearly all bus services (with a few exceptions) in zones A, B and C.

Example: For a trip starting at McGill station (Montréal: Zone A) and ending at Montmorency station (Laval: Zone B), customers will need a fare valid in zones A and B for the initial and return trip, meaning an All Modes AB fare.

Texte important

The increased flexibility offered by the new fare schedule and the expanded access to several modes are winning conditions to promote the use of public transit, supporting its revival. Together with the ARTM and other partner transit agencies, the STM is ready to inform and support its customers to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.