Pie-IX BRT: Major work in the Jean-Talon area


The integrated Pie-IX BRT project will continue in the Pie-IX Boulevard/Jean-Talon Street area, with the construction of a pedestrian tunnel connecting the Pie-IX BRT and the future métro station of the Blue line extension.

Starting the week of May 3, this work will result in the closure of the eastern corner of Pie‑IX Boulevard and Jean-Talon Street, preventing all traffic circulation between 23rd Avenue and Pie‑IX Boulevard. On Pie-IX Boulevard, one northbound lane and one southbound lane will remain open.

However, starting the week of June 21, this intersection will be completely closed for a two-year period. The traffic lanes will be completely blocked on Jean-Talon Street, between 22nd and 23rd Avenues, and on Pie-IX Boulevard, between Bélair and Everett Streets.

Starting the week of May 3

Starting the week of June 21

Mitigation measures, such as car detours, bus detours and a new reserved lane on Provencher Boulevard and Bélanger Street, will be implemented to limit the impact on local residents.

The construction of the pedestrian tunnel was delegated to the Pie-IX BRT project office in the interest of coordination. This way, all the work needed in the area will be done at once, and the BRT service will not have to be interrupted once it is in operation.

In fall 2023, BRT shelters will be installed in the middle of the road, at the corner of Pie‑IX Boulevard and Jean-Talon Street. These comfortable, well-lit BRT shelters with glass facades will be equipped with electronic displays showing upcoming bus departures in real time. Users will be able to access the future métro station of the Blue line extension via elevators and staircases, without having to cross the street.

For more information on the Pie-IX BRT project, visit http://www.stm.info/en/about/major_projects/major-bus-projects/pie-ix-brt