Côte-Vertu garage project : Côte-Vertu reopens August 23


On August 23, the Société de transport de Montréal will reopen Côte-Vertu station, closed since May 29 for the installation of a track switch ahead of the station. Installing this switch will allow us to increase train frequency by up to 25% on the Orange line at peak periods.

During the closure, the STM was able to conduct work that cannot be performed while the station is operational, including:

  • Track removal and excavation of the invert
  • Installation and commissioning of the track switch
  • Addition of signalling equipment

Launched in 2017, the Côte-Vertu garage project involves building an underground garage to house ten additional métro trains, as well as three above-ground buildings needed to operate the garage.

The balancing out of the number of train storage spaces at each end of the Orange line will provide operational flexibility for adding trains, support the expected growth in ridership in the coming years and increase the offer of service to keep pace with the extension of the Blue line.

The garage commissioning is planned for 2022.

With a $492.3M price tag, this major project is funded by the governments of Québec and Canada.

Project details: https://www.stm.info/en/about/major_projects/major-metro-projects/cote-vertu-garage