There’s only one right way to wear face coverings


A new campaign by the STM aims at the small minority of clients who do not wear their face-covering or mask in the right way.

Since the announcement this summer that masks or face coverings would be mandatory on public transit, the STM has seen increasing compliance with this measure from our customers. We have confirmed through on-the-ground observation that the vast majority of you are now wearing them regularly. In our continuing efforts to promote this regulation, the STM is launching an awareness campaign aimed at the few transit users who are not wearing their face coverings properly or do not know how.

The campaign takes a lighthearted and humorous approach to remind customers that there are many wrong ways to wear face coverings, but only one right way. Face coverings are only effective if they cover both the mouth and nose. It’s also important to keep them on for the entire duration of your trip on public transit, while inside STM buildings and vehicles.

The campaign will be visible in STM networks and on all the usual communication platforms. STM employees will also be on site to monitor the situation with an emphasis on awareness, an approach that has proven effective since the start of the pandemic. We appreciate our customers’ valuable cooperation and encourage you to keep up the good work. Together, we can continue to make public transit safe for everyone.