The STM gains new tool to fight COVID-19


The STM is acquiring electrostatic sprayers, which will allow for more efficient disinfecting operations.

Since the pandemic began, the STM has been cleaning its facilities and vehicles more often and reviewing its work methods. A committee was formed to examine possible new solutions that would allow the STM to improve its operations in the current situation.

Recently, the STM conducted disinfecting tests with a portable electrostatic sprayer loaned to them by the Société de transport de Lévis. The STM’s teams do not currently have this type of specialized equipment, which allows facilities to be disinfected at a faster rate. The sprayers are equipped with an innovative technology that modifies the electrical charge of the particles in the disinfectant solution, increasing their ability to adhere to surfaces more effectively and evenly when sprayed.

Tests were conducted in buses, paratransit vehicles, stations and trains, and the results are conclusive. Our teams observed several benefits of the sprayers, including:

  • Faster application
  • Much faster to disinfect surfaces than by hand with a cloth
  • Easier to cover surfaces
  • Less movement required to reach surfaces
  • No negative impact on the appearance of disinfected surfaces (no streaks or visible residue from solutions)

After these tests, the STM decided to procure 95 electrostatic Victory Sprayers made by Dustbane, a Canadian supplier. These include 69 handheld sprayers and 26 backpack sprayers, for a total cost of $176,400 (taxes included). We are expecting to receive the backpack systems between July 28 and 31 and the handheld sprayers between August 18 and 25.

The STM is committed to maintaining an increased frequency of cleaning for as long as necessary and is pleased to have acquired this advanced, efficient equipment for the sake of both its customers and its employees.

Photos (courtesy of Dustbane)

Backpack sprayer                                           Manual sprayer