Pie-IX BRT : Major upcoming work in the Jean-Talon area


The integrated Pie-IX BRT project office is entering an important work phase this month—the construction of a pedestrian tunnel connecting the BRT to the future métro station of the Blue line extension, at the corner of Pie-IX Boulevard and Jean-Talon Street.

As this work will involve significant roadblocks, the project office is holding a virtual public information session on September 23. You can register for it here: pieixbrt.ca.

In addition to the construction of the pedestrian tunnel, the work will involve:

  • Relocation of underground electrical cables beginning in January
  • Relocation of a water main on Pie-IX Boulevard
  • Excavation of the Jean-Talon / Pie-IX intersection for tunnel construction
  • Construction of a BRT shelter in the centre of the road, including an elevator and stairs to the future pedestrian tunnel
  • Landscaping

Parts of this work will require this intersection to be closed completely, from spring 2021 to fall 2023, the project’s planned end date. Mitigation measures, such as car detours, bus detours and a new reserved lane on Provencher Boulevard and Bélanger Street, will be implemented to limit the impact on local residents.

The construction of the pedestrian tunnel was delegated to the Pie-IX BRT project office in the interest of coordination. This way, all the work needed in the area will be done at once, and the BRT service will not have to be interrupted once it is in operation.

Pie-IX BRT project summary

Financed by the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM), the City of Montréal and the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ), the Pie-IX BRT project aims to implement a new public transportation service, upgrade municipal infrastructure and improve public property design on Pie-IX Boulevard.

The Pie-IX BRT will have 20 stops (18 in Montréal and two in Laval), spread out over 13 kilometres of Pie-IX Boulevard between Saint-Martin Boulevard in Laval and Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue in Montréal. It will have priority traffic lights and permanent reserved lanes that will be marked in colour on the street and located in the centre of the road. Once the project is completed, it is estimated that 70,000 bus passengers will take the Pie-IX BRT daily.