STM begins major work at Viau station, which will become universally accessible


On February 4, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) will begin a $60-million project at Viau métro station on the Green line. The work will include the expansion of the attachment centre and the addition of two elevators.

The project will increase the capacity of the underground centre — where vehicles used for night-time maintenance of the métro are parked — to make room for six extra convoys. This will reduce work vehicles’ travel time and optimize métro maintenance. Construction materials will be brought in and out of this centre instead of having to pass solely via the Youville attachment centre, located in the north of the city.

The project also includes the acquisition of six additional convoys. Each convoy includes a rechargeable electric locotractor and a transport platform. The Viau attachment centre will eventually house 12 vehicles for métro network maintenance. Currently, it can accommodate six vehicles, while the STM has about 30 that serve the entire network.

The STM will take advantage of the attachment centre’s expansion to carry out a major refurbishment of the station and make it universally accessible by adding two elevators.

Refurbishment work includes:

  • Installation of two elevators leading to each of the platforms
  • Reconstruction of staircases
  • Upgrade of floor coverings
  • Replacement of butterfly doors and addition of a motorized door
  • Replacement of windows
  • Optimization of natural ventilation
  • Improved lighting
  • Installation of the new family of signage tools
  • Reconfiguration of turnstiles
  • Replacement of waterproofing membrane of the station’s underground roof
  • Refurbishment of mechanical rooms
  • Upgrade of station’s surrounding area (sidewalks, pavers, lighting, etc.)

Viau station serves approximately 2.9 million passengers annually and will remain open during the work, which will last 26 months or until spring 2021.

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