Beaudry métro station to reopen June 3


After being closed for eight months for major renovations, Beaudry station will reopen as planned on June 3. The work should be completed by March 2020, according to the original schedule.

The station has been closed since October 1, 2018, allowing us to perform critical work that could not be carried out while the station was in operation, such as:

  • Underpinning repairs on the building
  • Refurbishment of the structural slab of the mezzanine
  • Demolition of staircases and reconstruction of two of them
  • Structural repairs on the roof of the pedestrian tunnel and the roof over the tracks
  • Concrete crack injection and sealing
  • Installation of a drainage gutter to redirect water from infiltrations
  • Replacement of butterfly doors and addition of a wider, motorized door
  • Reversal of moving sidewalk motors so both can operate upwards in case one breaks down
  • Upgrading of mechanical rooms

By March 2020, we will perform other work, mostly at night to avoid inconveniencing customers:

  • Reconstruction of five other staircases
  • Installation of architectural finishes (walls, ceilings and floors)
  • Roll-out of the new signage
  • Improved lighting
  • Exterior design

The station can reopen as soon as operations and customer safety are guaranteed.

The waterproofing membrane under Beaudry Street must be replaced. As a result, Beaudry Street will be closed until fall 2019.

This work is made possible thanks to funding provided by the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ).

Beaudry in numbers

  • 1,497,144 boardings in 2017
  • 4,726 boardings per average weekday in 2017
  • 19 months of work, including 8 months of closure
  • Cost of work: $23.3M