No more dead batteries: new STM buses now feature USB plugs


Since February 2017, new hybrid buses delivered to the STM now come equipped with four double-USB ports, enabling our clients to charge their mobile devices whilst on the bus.

Many clients use their mobile devices while on the bus to make their ride more enjoyable and those who feared of the dread low-battery warning will be happy to learn that the STM's new buses now come equipped with USB plugs that make it possible to recharge the batteries of mobile devices. A new feature that will enhance our customers experience!

Testing conducted as part of a pilot project involving two buses on the 747 airport line last winter proved conclusive. Since February 2017, all purchased buses delivered to STM come equipped with four double USB plugs, located on the vertical grab bars on each side of the bus, in the middle and at the back of the vehicle.

To date, 23 buses have them and that number will only grow, as 84 additional buses are expected in 2017, for a grands total of 107 new buses. As of now, these buses are mostly in service in the central-western part of the city, on lines such as 104 – Cavendish, 105 – Sherbrooke, 165 – Côte-des-Neiges or 411 Express Lionel-Groulx.