Three good reasons to renew your reduced fare student OPUS card now


Here are three good reasons for not waiting until the last minute to renew your reduced fare OPUS card.

The bus and métro are your best options to easily get around the city. And to make the most of it, you need a reduced fare OPUS card, designed for students 25 years old or less and entitles you to a 40% discount over the regular fare.

The card is valid for one year, until October 31 of the year following its purchase. So now is the time for you to think about renewing it or getting a new one, if you are a student. Here are three good reasons for not waiting until the last minute!

  1. Because the STM makes it easier for you by seeing you directly at your school
    Until mid-October, STM’s photographers will be stopping at more than 150 academic institutions as part of a vast campaign to renew reduced fare OPUS cards for students. No need to go to the photo studio, you can renew your card between classes when we’re at your high school, cegep or university.

    To find out when we’ll be there, check the OPUS Tour Schedule and sign up online for a reminder. By signing up, you will receive an email reminding you when the STM photo session is held at your school.  
  2. Because you could win one year of free public transit!
    Not only will you avoid unnecessary complications if you wait until the last minute, students who sign up for a reminder before September 30 automatically earn a chance of winning one year of free public transit with the STM. Now that would kick off the school year in a good way!
  3. Because nobody likes waiting in line
    If you wait until the last minute to renew your card, say October 31 at 4 p.m., you’ll have no choice but to stand in line at the photo studio and, sometimes, it’s a long wait. Surely you have better things to do on Halloween! And if you miss the October 31 deadline, you won’t be allowed to pay the reduced fare until you get your new card.

Remember, all you need for your new card is cash ($14 at school, $15 at the photo studio), proof of full-time student status from your school, and proof of age (under the age of 26 at October 31 or current year).