Stinson bus garage

First LEED Gold bus garage in Quebec

The Stinson bus garage was designed and built according to the highest standards of sustainability, which meant it could obtain LEED Gold certification from the Canada Green Building Council. We take pride in this accomplishment, as it reflects our corporate values with regards to sustainable development. Here are some of its innovative green characteristics:

  • Heat recovery system with an 80% efficiency rating
  • 21 rooftop skylights to reduce the need for artificial lighting
  • Indoor bus movements to minimize the opening and closing of garage doors for arriving and departing buses, thereby reducing energy loss and pollution while maximizing efficiency
  • 60% less energy used than the STM’s other bus garages
  • Green roof extending over 800 m2 (equal to one and a half football fields); the rest of the roof is covered with a reflective material
  • Greening of the entire site: over 500 trees, 1,300 shrubs and plants, and 22,000 m2 of lawn
  • Water recovery systems that recycle bus washing and rinsing water and rainwater have lowered potable water consumption by 75%   
  • Use of sustainable, regionally-sourced materials, including wood and steel, promote the local economy while reducing GHG emissions related to their transportation
  • Parking spaces for car-share vehicles
  • Recharging stations for electric cars
  • Indoor parking space for 70 bicycles

A modern, efficient bus garage

On January 6, 2014, the STM welcomed 111 bus drivers and some 15 maintenance employees to the new Stinson bus garage located at 635 Stinson Street in the Borough of Saint-Laurent. The huge, two-storey building can hold 300 buses, including 100 articulated ones. Its installations were planned to eventually house electric buses.

Equipped with facilities meeting universal accessibility standards, the new bus garage has also been designed according to the principles of sustainable development that we adhere to. Everything has been done to ensure the building is LEED Gold certified.

Among its many green characteristics, the garage’s layout allows buses to circulate indoors, thereby:

  • Reducing the number of exterior doors
  • Ensuring greater energy efficiency for the building
  • Minimizing inconveniences for local residents
  • Minimizing travel times for vehicles undergoing maintenance and/or servicing

Benefits for our customers and local residents

The new Stinson bus garage will enable us to:

  • Handle the planned expansion of the STM’s bus fleet
  • Increase the offer of service
  • Support increased ridership
  • Integrate electric buses as necessary
  • Revitalize the industrial park
  • Improve the appearance of the residential area
  • Develop green spaces
  • Benefit from a site layout that surpasses environmental standards
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