Construction of the Côte-Vertu garage

Inauguration of the Côte-Vertu métro train garage

Located 25 metres underground in the Saint-Laurent borough, the Côte-Vertu garage is an essential infrastructure for métro operations.  Since May 2017, the construction of the new underground métro train garage has been one of the largest worksites of the past few years in Montréal.

The garage has three above-ground buildings, a connecting tunnel, in which trains can travel between Côte-Vertu station and the new garage, two parking tunnels, a maintenance tunnel, and a large fan of tracks located at the entrance of the garage that allows trains to access the tunnels. We will proceed with a gradual commissioning of this new infrastructure over the next few months.

The infrastructure will enable the STM to boost service on the Orange line by 25% during peak periods and support increased ridership due in part to the ongoing Blue line extension.

View the final video of the project (french only)

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See Le garage Côte-Vertu pour les trains du métro on YouTube

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) was awarded a Platinum Envision recognition for the Côte-Vertu garage project, a first in Canada for a public transit project.

Some aspects of the project that were instrumental in achieving this recognition include:

Mobility and urban planning:

  • Conversion of a contaminated wastelot into a new public area, with a future development opportunity on the southern side of the main site.
  • Architectural quality and urban integration facilitating the connectivity between sectors and improving community travel.

Worksite impact management:

The choice of materials resulted in:

  • A 26% reduction of the materials carbon footprint;
  • A recycled materials threshold of 41%;
  • 87% of materials meeting responsible procurement criteria;
  • 65% of materials were sourced locally.

Environmental footprint:

  • LED lights and heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems designed to attain 49% in energy savings compared to conventional designs.
  • Implementation of bioretention systems and a green roof.
  • Species selected for the various landscaping projects for being resilient, pesticide and fertilizer-free, and conducive to biodiversity.

About Envision

The Platinum recognition is the highest distinction awarded by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI). Envision is the top sustainable development tool in North America for major infrastructure projects. The Envision reference framework was developed to cover all the sustainable development aspects of an infrastructure project and each phase of its life cycle (planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance, and end-of-life).

Using the Envision reference framework throughout the project allowed us to:

  • Consult and involve stakeholders
  • Mitigate construction impacts on our community and environment
  • Reduce the impacts of materials used (resource consumption and manufacturing emissions)
  • Rehabilitate contaminated land
  • Reduce operational impacts (residual materials, water and energy savings, noise and vibration reduction, etc.)
  • Improve vegetation cover
  • Improve the project’s resilience to climate change

To learn more, visit the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure


The garage in images!

Videos of the project

A new track installation approach

At the Côte-Vertu underground garage, innovation and efficiency led the team to opt for a new method of installation on independent twin-blocks, which is now finished.

Along with the built-in electrical system, these new tracks will allow us to manoeuvre our Azur trains efficiently within this imposing structure.

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Installation des voies on YouTube


Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Construction du Garage Côte-Vertu: début des travaux de bétonnage on YouTube

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See La transformation de l'arrière gare on YouTube

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Les coulisses de la construction du garage on YouTube

This project was made possible by funding from the governments of Canada and Quebec through the implementation of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

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