MR-63 car at Exporail

MR-63 “inaugural car” at Exporail

Exporail, The Canadian Railway Museum in Saint-Constant, received in 2018 one of the cars from Montréal’s very first MR-63 métro train.

The MR-63 inaugural car, restored to its original appearance, is now part of Exporail’s impressive collection.

Worthy of a museum

This car has quite the history! It’s called the “inaugural car” because it hosted dignitaries during the unveiling of the first MR-63 cars in August 1965. It was then integrated into the Montréal métro system, where it carried millions of people until its retirement some 50 years later.

To find out more about Exporail, go to The Canadian Railway Museum website

MR-63 history in pictures

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