McGill (Murray MacDonald)

Murray MacDonald

Passūs (1991)

Glass and steel
Location: east mezzanine

Commissioned by the Westcliff corporation, owner of Les Promenades de la Cathédrale, the artist created an illuminated glass mural reproducing the form of a Gothic ogive window. The moving light displays on either side imitate the movement of the light in a cathedral as one moves through the nave.

Did you know?

The title of the work refers to an ancient Roman unit of measure equal to a double pace.

About the artist

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1947, Murray MacDonald studied architecture before turning to sculpture. He has also taught at Concordia University, Champlain College in Saint-Lambert, and Dawson College.

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McGill (Murray MacDonald)   McGill (Murray MacDonald)   McGill (Murray MacDonald)   McGill (Murray MacDonald)

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