Acadie (Météore Design)

Météore Design

Lieu de rendez-vous (1988)

Enamelled steel, stainless steel, and granite
Location: mezzanine

This Art Deco-style sculptural clock was created by industrial designers Jean-François Jacques and Pierre-Marc Pelletier. The stainless steel circle in the floor around the clock forms the shape of a second large clock face, with the two benches forming the hands.

Did you know?

One of the two benches is shorter than the other, to accommodate children and shorter people.

About the artists

Jean-François Jacques and Pierre-Marc Pelletier founded Météore Studio, later Météore Design, in 1987. The firm’s designers develop products in a variety of areas, from lamps, clocks, and furniture to medical and transportation equipment.

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Acadie (Météore Design)   Acadie (Météore Design)   Acadie (Météore Design)   Acadie (Météore Design)

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