Audit and Finance committee

Audit and Finance committee

The committee’s mandate is to ensure sound financial governance of the Company and the compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The primary interest is the integrity of financial information, audit function, financial statements, budgets, internal controls mechanisms, risk management and optimal management of financial resources.

Chair, members and participants of the committee

Louise Roby
External member and committee chair

Claudia Lacroix Perron
Board member and committee member

Sylvain Ouellet
Board member and committee member

Alan DeSousa
Independent member and committee member

Éric Alan Caldwell
Chairman of the Board and committee member

Robert Juneau
External member

Mme Marie-Claude Léonard

Tien Dung Can
Auditor general

Linda Lebrun
Treasurer, Executive Director – Planification et Contrôle and committee coordinator

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