The STM is the recipient of three awards from the Canadian Urban Transit Association

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Mr Philippe Schnobb earned an Excellence Award, and the STM received the Safety and Security Award for their Métro intervention and cooperation team (MICT) and the Innovation Award for its paratransit service project, Extra Connecte.

Montréal, October 6, 2021 – The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) was honoured to receive three prestigious awards from the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) today during their annual conference. Philippe Schnobb, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the STM, earned an Excellence Award for his eight years as a user representative on the Board of Directors, and the STM received the Safety and Security Award for their Métro intervention and cooperation team (MICT) and the Innovation Award for its paratransit service project, Extra Connecte.

“We are very proud to receive this recognition, especially since two of these awards celebrate innovative and inspiring projects that aim to promote social inclusion for certain groups within our clientele. The STM strives to be a good corporate citizen, namely by integrating environmental, social and economic concerns into all our activities. This token of appreciation from CUTA encourages us to think even more broadly about our endeavours,” said Luc Tremblay, FCPA, FCA, CEO.

Individual Leadership category – Excellence Award

Mr. Philippe Schnobb was the recipient of the Excellence Award, which recognizes single, major contributions that made public transit better.

“It has been a great honour to represent STM users on the Board of Directors for the past eight years. I would like to thank everyone I have met over the years who have given me suggestions on how to improve their experience. It is by listening to them that we have been able to find effective ways to meet expectations. I would also like to share this award with Chief Executive Officer Luc Tremblay, who, with his team, has made this vision of mobility excellence a reality. Thank you to the STM’s 11,000 employees who use their talents to work with our customers every day,” said Philippe Schnobb, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In November 2013, Philippe Schnobb was appointed to the Board of Directors to act as a representative for public transit users. When he was sworn in, he promised to listen to transit users, and ever since, his guiding principle has been customer experience above all else. Always striving to keep his ear to the ground, he was the first STM executive to tour every single métro station in the city as part of the Direct Line with Philippe Schnobb project to reach out directly to users. In 2015, he concurrently welcomed a new executive management team while also spearheading the company’s strategic shift, centred around improving the experience of the hundreds of thousands of people who take Montréal public transit every day.

Organization Leadership category – Safety and Security: MICT 

The Safety and Security Award is presented to organizations that have taken additional measures to ensure the safety of users and workers. The STM received this year’s award for a joint initiative with the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and the Société de développement social (SDS) for the creation of a specialized joint patrol called the Métro intervention and cooperation team.

The team has been mandated to act as a support service and facilitate the harmonious co-existence of people experiencing homelessness, metro users, STM employees and business owners in the metro. The team takes an innovative, humanitarian approach to dealing with the most problematic and recurring cases in the metro network, which are referred to it by front-line patrols.

Organization Leadership category – Innovation: Extra Connecte

The Innovation Award recognizes outstanding achievements in using technology to make services more efficient. The STM received the award for its Extra Connecte project, which provides improved travel services to almost 37,000 Transport adapté users.

The innovative project involved acquiring and integrating real-time operations management systems, as well as equipping the paratransit service with a new control room and vehicle-mounted terminals in all 86 of its minibuses. Customer benefits include receiving reminders the day before their trips and a notification just before their vehicles arrive since October 2019, as well as implementing an integrated billing system, which completed the massive project last May.


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