A New STM Bus Garage Transports Québec invests in this green project that aims for gold!

Press release

Montréal, November 28, 2011 –  Mr. Michel Labrecque, Chairman of the STM (Société de transport de Montréal) board of directors, Mr. Guy Ouellette, parliamentary aid to Québec’s Transport Minister and member of Quebec’s National Assembly for Chomedey and Mr. Alan DeSousa, borough mayor of Saint-Laurent and Vice-chairman of the City’s Executive Committee announced today, the construction of the Stinson bus garage. Located in Saint-Laurent borough, bordering Stinson and Montpellier streets, this two-floor building will cover a total surface of 38400 m2 and house 300 buses, of which 200 are standard and 100 articulated. Certain basic adjustments will be made in anticipation of the eventual arrival of electric vehicles. The STM will spare no effort to obtain the LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for this new building, one of the highest standards in the industry, to make this bus garage the first building to be certified LEED Gold in Canada.

«This announcement is highly strategic for the STM. In 2011, we foresee reaching a ridership record of some 405 million passenger trips. To meet the objectives outlined in the 2020 Plan aiming for a 40% increase in ridership over 10 years (representing 540 million passenger trips), we must improve service by 32%. In order to reach this target, we must expand our bus fleet by 25% from 1680 to 2100 vehicles. The funding approval for this project by Transports Québec is excellent news for the future of public transit in Montreal, emphasized Mr. Labrecque.

«The construction of this new maintenance centre is an essential initiative that will allow the STM to enhance the quality of its services. I am proud to announce that Transport Québec will contribute more than $120M, representing 75% of the total investment for this major project, in accordance with the Financial Assistance Program for public transit users, one of the seven programs set forth in Quebec’s policy on public transit,» declared Mr. Moreau.

«The implementation of the Stinson Centre in Saint-Laurent borough is a catalyst for the regeneration of the entire sector. At the outset, the arrival of hundreds of workers will generate positive economic results for the community. Furthermore, the LEED Gold Certification coveted by the STM is an exemplary project that shows that environmental requirements and projects regarding infrastructure can go hand in hand, » delights Mr. Alan DeSousa.

Integration of sustainable development guidelines
LEED certification is a standardization system for buildings of high environmental quality. To obtain this certification, the STM must not only minimize the project’s impact on the environment, but also ensure the efficient management of its resources. It must consider the quality of life of neighbouring residents, by controlling surface water, mud and dust during construction as one example. Materials used will be from regional sources whenever applicable. Vehicles will travel mainly within the perimeter to avoid disturbing the residents as much as possible. Green tree-lined spaces will enhance the site and contribute to reduce heat pockets. A system will recover a portion of graywater and rainwater. The green roof will cover a surface the size of one and a half football field, representing about 25% of its entire surface. Exterior lighting will also be restricted to the site itself. Energy efficiency will be optimized so that nearly 85% of heat generated will be recovered during cold snaps.

Green and accessible
«Because of STM gains in energy efficiency (about $1M per year), it will be able to recover in a few years the required additional sums invested (some $4.8 M) required to obtain the Gold certification. To implement such a project in sustainable development does not cost that much more if you plan for it at the outset. Furthermore, the Stinson bus garage will be the STM’s first building where principles of universal accessibility have been applied from the beginning of its construction – an advantage that cannot be denied,» added Mr. Labrecque.

Opening in fall 2013
Preliminary work will begin on site before year-end while building construction will start in June 2012. The Stinson Centre will be operational in fall 2013 to welcome more than 750 employees. Since 2009, the STM has been collaborating closely with Saint-Laurent borough to see this project through to optimize public transit and revitalize this industrial area.

The STM counts eight bus garages including one for Paratransit services. The Stinson addition will allow for growth and fleet diversification while providing more services to customers.

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