STM's Sécuribus program awarded a Gold Award by APTA


Le 5 mai dernier, le programme paritaire Sécuribus de la STM, qui vise à prévenir les agressions auprès des chauffeurs de bus, a reçu un prix Gold Award de l'American Public Transportation Association (APTA) dans la catégorie Bus Security.

During the last Bus Conference organized by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) in Indianapolis, the STM was awarded a Gold Award in the Bus Security category for its Sécuribus program. This innovative program, based on the parity principle, aims to reduce the number of assaults towards bus drivers and to decrease their gravity. The program consists, notably, of training, preventive and dissuasive measures such as cameras aboard buses, and client communication campaigns themed on "Respect brings us closer".

Numbers that speak for themselves

The Sécuribus program was created in 2006 and proved to be efficient :

  • The number of assaults (all types) that lead to CSST claims went from 133 in 2007 to 95 in 2010 and 74 in 2012, a 44.36 % decrease.
  • The number of physical agressions went from 58 in 2007 to 30 in 2010 and 27 in 2012, down 53.4 %.
  • Customer satisfaction (bus service) :
    • Driver courtesy : from 80 % in 2007 to 86 % in 2012
    • Safety feeling aboard buses : from 89 % to 94 %.
Texte important

From left to right : APTA chairwoman Flora Castillo, Mr René Léonard and Ms Marie-France Duguay, STM Bus driver's Union, Mr Marc Vendette, director - Bus service delivery, Mr Michel Lefebvre, director - Human resources and APTA President Michael P. Melaniphy