Jolicoeur (Chloé Desjardins)

Chloé Desjardins

Perspective (2022)

Stainless steel, granite, brass and painted steel
Programme d'intégration des arts à l'architecture du gouvernement du Québec
Location: mezzanine

Perfectly centered and symmetrical, contrasting with the right angles and transparency of the station, Perspective divides and organizes space. Its grid-like structure offers different framed views. The artwork’s shape, pattern and materials are inspired by the formal elements of the station and allow it to blend in harmoniously.

Did you know?

The circular shape and pattern of the sculpture cite the artwork of architect Claude Boucher visible on the station platforms.

About the artist

Born in Gatineau in 1984, Chloé Desjardins holds a master's degree in creation from the École des arts visuels et médiatiques de l’UQAM. During this training, she took a close interest in molding techniques. Sculpture now holds a prominent place in her practice. Her artworks have been presented in several Quebec and Canadian cities.

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