Metro benches quiz

How well do you know your métro?

The world’s turned upside-down, and we’re asking you to limit your bus and métro trips to the essentials.

But we’re thinking of you, and here’s a little something to remind you of us. We’ve created some quizzes to test your knowledge of our bus and métro networks.

It’s a fun way to find out just how well you know each station!

Quiz #1 : Please remain seated

The Montréal métro is world renowned for the unique architecture of its stations.

Look at each photo carefully and see if you can name each station based on just its benches!

Each métro station is unique and has a different style of benches on its platforms.

Use a pencil and paper to match each number to a station. Then, check your answers, count how many you got right, and find out how well you know your métro.

  1. De l’Église
  2. Côte-des-Neiges
  3. Côte-Vertu
  4. Jean-Drapeau
  5. Mont-Royal
  6. Joliette
  7. Préfontaine
  8. Saint-Michel
  9. Cartier
  10. Sauvé
  11. Montmorency
  12. Laurier
  13. Longueuil – Université-de-Sherbrooke
  14. Charlevoix
  15. Du Collège
  16. De la Concorde
  17. Plamondon
  18. Berri-UQAM
  19. Peel
  20. Cadillac
  21. Outremont
  22. De Castelnau
  23. Sherbrooke
  24. Atwater
  25. Snowdon
  26. Pie-IX
  27. Square-Victoria – OACI
  28. Jarry
  29. Jolicoeur
  30. Champ-de-Mars
  31. Place-Saint-Henri
  32. McGill
  33. Guy-Concordia
  34. D’Iberville
  35. Bonaventure
  36. Verdun
  37. Fabre
  38. Lasalle
  39. Villa-Maria
  40. Beaudry
  41. Monk
  42. Côte-Sainte-Catherine
  43. Acadie
  44. Université-de-Montréal
  45. Place-des-Arts
  46. Langelier
  47. Beaubien
  48. Jean-Talon
  49. Assomption
  50. Saint-Laurent
  51. Parc
  52. Vendôme
  53. De la Savane
  54. Henri-Bourassa
  55. Georges-Vanier
  56. Lucien-L’Allier
  57. Crémazie
  58. Édouard-Montpetit
  59. Angrignon
  60. Frontenac
  61. Papineau
  62. Rosemont
  63. Place-d’Armes
  64. Viau
  65. Lionel-Groulx
  66. Namur
  67. Radisson

55-68 correct

Excellent! You’re an expert on the métro.

You can practically name each station with your eyes closed!

Share this quiz with family and friends to pass the time. You could teach them a thing or two!

35-55 correct

You know a lot about the métro.

Your knowledge is above average! At least, when it comes to métro stations.

You’ll have to visit a few more to get to expert level next time. But remember to wait until we’re done staying home!

15-35 correct

You’re getting to know the métro.

Not bad! You’ve probably memorized more métro stations than friends’ phone numbers.

Why not give one of them a call today? Stay connected, even while you’re apart.

0-15 correct

You don’t know much about the métro—yet!

You’ll get there eventually. Until then, take a virtual tour to get to know your métro from home! For now, let’s maintain this essential service for those who really need it.

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