Villa-Maria (André Léonard)

André Léonard

Circles (1981)

Polymer concrete and stainless steel
Location: throughout the station

The station’s architect produced two murals each consisting of five dial-shaped polymer concrete disks. By adding a slit to each circle and rotating each slit 45 degrees relative to its neighbour, he produced a feeling of movement and directionality.

Did you know?

The yellow circles, those closest to the station’s exit, invite the traveller out into the sunlight.

About the artist

Born in Montréal in 1946, André Léonard is the architect of three métro stations: Villa-Maria, Henri-Bourassa (west access) and Université-de-Montréal. He later worked with the Montréal regional parks service and took part in the renovation of the central building of the Botanical Garden.

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Villa-Maria (André Léonard)   Villa-Maria (André Léonard)   Villa-Maria (André Léonard)   Villa-Maria (André Léonard)

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