Snowdon (Jean-Louis Beaulieu)

Snowdon (Beaulieu)

Jean-Louis Beaulieu

Sculptural grilles (1981)

Painted steel
Locations: stairwell and exterior of the station

The architect has embellished the station with two steel grilles, one green and the other red-brown. Their bars form sinuous shapes suggesting the branches of trees.

Did you know?

Jean-Louis Beaulieu won the Ordre des architectes du Québec’s first prize in 1979 for designing station Angrignon.

About the artist

Born in Saint-André-de-Kamouraska in 1943, architect Jean-Louis Beaulieu has never hesitated to create audacious, innovative designs. In addition to station Angrignon and station Snowdon, he also designed the métro’s major repairs workshop on boulevard Saint-Laurent.

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Snowdon (Beaulieu)   Snowdon (Beaulieu)   Snowdon (Beaulieu)   Snowdon (Beaulieu)

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