Place-Saint-Henri (Joseph-Arthur Vincent)

Joseph-Arthur Vincent

Jacques Cartier (2001)

Copper and wood
Public art collection of the City of Montréal
Location: mezzanine

Created in 1893 in homage to the discoverer of the St. Lawrence River, this statue had been badly damaged by the elements. The City of Montréal restored it and decided to give it shelter by displaying it inside Place-Saint-Henri station.

Did you know?

A bronze replica of the statue was created and occupies its original place, atop a fountain in nearby Parc Saint-Henri.

About the artist

Joseph-Arthur Vincent (1852-1903) was a woodcarver, ornamental and statuary sculptor, and professor of fine arts. Besides the statue of Jacques Cartier, he created the baldachin of Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral and a monument to Le Moyne d’Iberville.

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Place-Saint-Henri (Joseph-Arthur Vincent)   Place-Saint-Henri (Joseph-Arthur Vincent)   Place-Saint-Henri (Joseph-Arthur Vincent)   Place-Saint-Henri (Joseph-Arthur Vincent)

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