Pie-IX (Marcel Raby)

Marcel Raby

Mural (1976)

Concrete and ceramic
Location: section closed to the public

The disks in this mural suggest the pattern of the Olympic rings, each with its predominant colour; they represent the five continents. The ceramic pieces set in the disk represent the participation of each continent, and the mural as a whole represents the worldwide Olympic spirit.

Did you know?

This work was installed in a corridor providing additional access to the Olympic Stadium. As the huge passenger volumes of the Olympics have never recurred, the area is now closed.

About the artist

City of Montréal architect Marcel Raby designed two neighbouring stations, Joliette and Pie-IX, on the green line. He made a point of designing the artwork for these stations himself, with the exception of Jordi Bonet’s mural at Pie-IX.

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