Parc (Huguette Desjardins)

Huguette Desjardins

Wall panels (1987)

Enamelled steel
Location: throughout the station

The constant movement of passengers is counterpointed by a multicoloured, modular frieze running along the walls. The murals’ regular triangular folds present three different appearances from different viewing angles.

Did you know?

Designed by architects Blouin, Blouin et Associés, the métro station received a citation for excellence from the Ordre des architectes du Québec.

About the artist

Born in 1938 in Montréal, watercolour painter Huguette Desjardins taught visual arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal. With its dozens of colours and shades, the mural frieze at station Parc is unquestionably her largest-scale work.

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Parc (Huguette Desjardins)   Parc (Huguette Desjardins)   Parc (Huguette Desjardins)   Parc (Huguette Desjardins)

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