Papineau (Michel de Broin)

Michel de Broin

Révolutions (2003)

Public art collection of the City of Montréal
Location: outside the station

Michel de Broin’s inspiration for this spectacular work was the celebrated spiral staircase that plays such a prominent role in the Montréal landscape. The shape also resonates with the metal superstructure of the Jacques Cartier Bridge and the whirls and loops of the rollercoasters at La Ronde.

Did you know?

This work was created as part of the complete renovation of the station’s entrance building, completed in 1999.

About the artist

Born in Montréal in 1970, sculptor Michel de Broin transforms ordinary reality to encourage us to think and perceive differently. In 2002, he won the City of Montréal’s Prix Pierre-Ayot for the originality, ingenuity, and intelligence of his work.

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Papineau (Michel de Broin)   Papineau (Michel de Broin)   Papineau (Michel de Broin)   Papineau (Michel de Broin)

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