McGill (Nicolas Sollogoub)

Nicolas Sollogoub

La vie à Montréal au XIXe siècle (1974)

Painted glass
Gift of Macdonald Tobacco
Restored with the financial support of the ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec
Location: Honoré-Beaugrand platform

This suite of five illuminated murals, each made of hundreds of pieces of painted glass, illustrates aspects of Montréal life from 1800 to 1870. In particular, it features the city’s first mayor, Jacques Viger, and his successor, Peter McGill.

Did you know?

Artiste Nicolas Sollogoub also created the animated advertisements installed in certain métro tunnels in the early 1970s.

About the artist

Born in Soissons, France, to Russian parents in 1925, Nicolas Sollogoub came to Québec in the 1950s. Alongside his career as a set decorator at Radio-Canada, he conducted numerous artistic projects including the restoration of the Château Dufresne in Montréal.

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McGill (Sollogoub)   McGill (Sollogoub)   McGill (Sollogoub)   McGill (Sollogoub)

McGill (Sollogoub)   McGill (Sollogoub)   McGill (Sollogoub)   McGill (Sollogoub)

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