McGill (les Industries perdues)

Les Industries perdues

C'est sur le sol qu'on prend appui pour s'envoler (1991)

Mixed media, glass blocks
Location: south mezzanine

This work, by artists Richard Purdy and François Hébert, is a detailed three-dimensional model of the island of Montréal seen from the sky. Sponsored by Westcliff, the owner of Les Promenades de la Cathédrale, this mural is protected by a wall of glass blocks.

Did you know?

Aided by carpenter Alain Cadieux, Purdy and Hébert took an entire summer to reproduce the island of Montréal and its buildings and features in fine detail.

About the artists

Born in Ottawa in 1953, Richard Purdy has worked as an interdisciplinary artist since the mid-1970s. In 1991, he and François Hébert founded Les Industries Perdues, an artistic collaboration that produced 19 works of public art.

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McGill (les Industries perdues)   McGill (les Industries perdues)   McGill (les Industries perdues)   McGill (les Industries perdues)

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