Lucien-L’Allier (Jean-Jacques Besner)

Jean-Jacques Besner

Sculptural grille (1980)

Location: entrance

In this monumental station, a sculptured grille improves the aesthetics of a ventilation shaft entrance. Its aluminum vanes combine visually to hide the equipment, while allowing air to circulate freely.

Did you know?

Because the original name planned for this station was Aqueduc, its architecture draws on the arching forms of ancient Roman aqueducts.

About the artist

Born in Vaudreuil, Jean-Jacques Besner (1919-1993) taught mathematics before turning to design and sculpture. His works, combining art and technology, can now be found in prestigious collections around the world.

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Lucien-L’Allier (Jean-Jacques Besner)   Lucien-L’Allier (Jean-Jacques Besner)   Lucien-L’Allier (Jean-Jacques Besner)   Lucien-L’Allier (Jean-Jacques Besner)

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