Jolicoeur (Claude Boucher)

Claude Boucher

Circles (1978)

Location: platforms

The floors of the platforms are set with forty-two black ceramic circles each containing an orange triangle. This motif provides a sense of orientation and a feeling of uniformity along the length of the platforms.

Did you know?

Although they do not point directly at the train doors, these triangles can serve as points of reference.

About the artist

Before being assigned to station Jolicoeur, architect Claude Boucher collaborated on designing station Honoré-Beaugrand. After working at the Bureau de transport métropolitain (BTM), he took part, among other projects, in the design of the Parc olympique de Montréal.

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Jolicoeur (Claude Boucher)   Jolicoeur (Claude Boucher)   Jolicoeur (Claude Boucher)   Jolicoeur (Claude Boucher)

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