Jean-Talon (Yann Pocreau)

Yann Pocreau

Correspondances (2015)

Print on aluminium
Programme d'intégration des arts à l'architecture du gouvernement du Québec
Location: Jean-Talon Sud entrance

This photomontage offers a view on history, architecture and the colour of its surroundings. In the middle, a geometric composition with the colours of the métro lines connecting at the station; in the background, the building plans for the entryway and the first census taken in New France, by Jean Talon in 1666.

Did you know?

Going door to door in winter, census-takers counted a total of 3,215 settlers in New France, from 538 different families. The aboriginal presence was added symbolically to the montage.

About the artist

Born in Québec in 1980, Yann Pocreau lives and works in Montréal. Through photography, he explores the strong presence of site and subject, and how they are intimately related. In his most recent musings, he takes an interest in light as a living subject and its effect on the narrative of his images.

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Jean-Talon (Yann Pocreau)   Jean-Talon (Yann Pocreau)   Jean-Talon (Yann Pocreau)   Jean-Talon (Yann Pocreau)

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