Jean-Talon (Gilbert Sauvé)

Gilbert Sauvé

Murals (1986)

Prefabricated concrete and polymer concrete
Location: blue line platforms

To show passengers which way the trains arrive at each of the two blue line platforms, the architect created four suites of directional symbols. Each one consists of twelve prefabricated concrete panels set with blue triangles and orange semicircles in polymer concrete.

Did you know?

Gilbert Sauvé also designed the station’s flooring, coloured orange or blue according to the line colour of the platforms at each level.

About the artist

Architect Gilbert Sauvé designed station Côte-Sainte-Catherine and the connection of station Jean-Talon to the blue line. After working at the Bureau de transport métropolitain (BTM), he opened his own architectural firm.

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Jean-Talon (Gilbert Sauvé)   Jean-Talon (Gilbert Sauvé)   Jean-Talon (Gilbert Sauvé)   Jean-Talon (Gilbert Sauvé)

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