Du Collège (Aurelio Sandonato)

Aurelio Sandonato

Mural (1984)

Terra cotta
Location: south mezzanine

Integrating his work into the wall of the mezzanine, the artist created a mural of terra cotta blocks, accented by natural light from a skylight above.

Did you know?

Two other works by the artist can be seen in Saint-Laurent: one in front of Collège Saint-Laurent and another in Parc Saint-Laurent, at the corner of Rue Poirier and Rue Barré.

About the artist

Born in Sant’Angelo, Italy, Aurelio Sandonato (1931-2012) came to Montréal in 1951. He began teaching visual arts at Collège Saint-Laurent in 1970.

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Du Collège (Aurelio Sandonato)   Du Collège (Aurelio Sandonato)   Du Collège (Aurelio Sandonato)   Du Collège (Aurelio Sandonato)

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