Berri-UQAM (Claude Vermette)

Claude Vermette

Murals (1967)

Location: yellow line platforms

The station’s architects, Longpré et Marchand, had the yellow line platform decorated with some twenty murals made of ceramic tiles in autumn colours, by ceramist Claude Vermette.

Did you know?

Claude Vermette’s ceramic works can be found in a dozen Montréal metro stations.

About the artist

Born in Montréal, Claude Vermette (1930-2006) was a leading figure in ceramic art, particularly in projects integrated with architecture. He worked with numerous architects, engineers, and artists, notably with Jean-Paul Mousseau on the circles at Peel station.

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Berri-UQAM (Claude Vermette)   Berri-UQAM (Claude Vermette)   Berri-UQAM (Claude Vermette)   Berri-UQAM (Claude Vermette)

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