Sustainable Development

The STM and sustainable development

The STM contributes to the sustainable development of Montréal and Québec in two ways. First, because the service it provides offers citizens an efficient, safe, environment-friendly mode of travel, while also helping to improve quality of life. And second, because it acts responsibly by integrating environmental, social and economic considerations into all of its activities and business processes.

Sustainable Development Plan 2020

The Sustainable Development Plan 2020 draws on such sources as stakeholder consultations, the main objectives of the Strategic Plan 2020 and the environment in which the STM operates. These factors enabled us to identify the key issues which the Sustainable Development Plan 2020 must address.

Have a look at our Plan. You will discover 10 priorities revolving around two focus areas: sustainable mobility and sustainable management.

Sustainable Development Reports

The STM publishes its environmental, social and economic performance in an annual Sustainable Development Report in line with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

Sustainable Development Report 2011

Full version   Highlights

Complete Table of Sustainable Development Indicators 

Media releases


July 11 2013 - Test results of the Irisbus-Iveco hybrid drive articulated bus

June 27 2013 - The STO and STM test an all-electric bus

June 5 2013 - The STM will soon test a standard-size biodiesel-electric Hybrid bus

May 27 2013 - The STM Unveils its Sustainable Development Plan 2020

March 25 2013 - STM supports MTQ efforts to reduce traffic congestion in West Island

March 22 2013 - 2013 Federal Budget STM reiterates importance of investing in public transit


September 6 2012 - In Town Without My Car!

July 4 2012 - The STM announces the purchase of regular biodiesel-electric buses

May 10 2012 - Funding public transportation in the greater Montréal area: The city of Montréal and STM suggest a cocktail of measures

May 2 2012 - Contract awarded for mid-size electric buses: the STM moves forward with its network electrification strategy

April 20 2012 - Québec’s first Public Transit Policy: Mission accomplished for Société de transport de Montréal

April 11 2012 - The STM and RTL to road test an Iveco Irisbus hybrid drive articulated bus

April 10 2012 - The STM And Earth Day : Together For The Environment !

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