Lionel-Groulx (Joseph Rifesser)

Joseph Rifesser

The Tree of Life (1978)

Sculpted wood
Gift of the United Nations
Location: mezzanine

A ringing call for mutual understanding, this work represents the people of the five continents springing from a common root. Created for Expo 67, it stood in front of the United Nations pavilion and was moved to the métro ten years later.

Did you know?

According to some sources, this was the most photographed artwork at Expo 67.

About the artist

Born in Ortisei, Italy, in 1921, Joseph “Peppi” Rifesser followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps as a woodcarver. He has enjoyed great success in Europe with his religious works created in the pure medieval Gothic style.

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Lionel-Groulx (Joseph Rifesser)   Lionel-Groulx (Joseph Rifesser)   Lionel-Groulx (Joseph Rifesser)   Lionel-Groulx (Joseph Rifesser)

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