Fabre (Jean-Noël Poliquin)

Jean-Noël Poliquin

Wall treatment (1986)

Polymer concrete and stainless steel
Location: throughout the station

On the brightly coloured polymer concrete walls, the artist has placed an ingeniously designed stainless steel element that performs a variety of functions as it continues through the station. At times a handrail, arm rest, support for seats or signs, this artwork is truly versatile.

Did you know?

You can find another sculpture by Jean-Noël Poliquin in the Montréal Botanical Garden, to the west of the main greenhouse.

About the artist

Born in Trois-Rivières, Jean-Noël Poliquin (1927-1999) devoted much of his life to teaching art to children. He was also deeply interested in Inuit art, a member of the former Canadian Eskimo Arts Council.

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Fabre (Jean-Noël Poliquin)   Fabre (Jean-Noël Poliquin)   Fabre (Jean-Noël Poliquin)   Fabre (Jean-Noël Poliquin)

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