Pie-IX BRT (Jean-Sébastien Denis)

Jean-Sébastien Denis

Kyrielle (2021)

Painted aluminium
Programme d'intégration des arts à l'architecture du gouvernement du Québec
Locations: Pie-IX BRT shelters

This intrinsically plural work manifests itself in some 70 variations installed on shelters of the Pie-IX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). The colourful and minimalist aesthetic stelae recalls flags and other cultural emblems.

Did you know?
Kyrielle is the first artwork integrated into a bus service infrastructure in Montreal.

Photo of Jean-Sébastien Denis by Bonnallie + Brodeur.

Born in Sherbrooke in 1970, Jean-Sébastien Denis is a visual artist who lives and works in Montreal. His approach is inspired by the chaotic agitation of the world and many realities that meet, evoking the moving forces of nature, as well as virtual flows and other circulatory spaces structuring reality.

Presented by groups of two, the compositions are available as geometric variations, inspired by this effect of the emblematic diamond of the Pie-IX BRT project. The forms evoke both the sinuosities of a road and the incessant movement that characterizes the back and forth of public transit. Among the challenges presented to the artist, the work was to be consistent for the 13 km of the BRT and be appreciated at a distance, day and night.

Symbolic reflection of the multiculturalism of its users, Kyrielle wishes to honor the hybrid identity of Montreal and Laval and revive a feeling of pride and citizen belonging. In addition to emphasizing the new face of Pie-IX Boulevard, this project is an opportunity to highlight the cultural diversity that animates the two cities and to offer a festive and gathering vision of the artery.

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