2-trip fare


  •  It is more economical to purchase a 2-trip fare because you avoid waiting in line again to purchase a second fare card and the per-trip cost is $3.25 instead of $3.50.
  • The 2-trip fare is valid for two trips by the same customer. Please note that the 2-trip fare is not made for sharing.
  • You may transfer between métro and bus lines.


Your fare card can be used for 120 minutes once it has been validated.

See rules about transfers


  • You may not make return trips or interrupt your trip and take another bus on the same line.
  • You may not return to the métro system once you have left a métro station.
  • This fare is not valid for the YUL Aéroport MTl-Trudeau (747) shuttle.


Regular fare: $6.50
Reduced fare - age 6 -17*: $4.25
Reduced fare - age 65 and +*: $2.00
* To benefit from a reduced fare, you must have a photo ID OPUS card. Only reduced fares for children age 6 to 11 may be purchased at fare booths without showing a photo ID OPUS card.

Where to purchase

  • In the métro from a fare vending machine or from a station officer.
  • At one of the STM’s points of sale (reduced fares only on an OPUS card)

Locate a point of sale

Available on

  Magnetic fare card 1

  OPUS card

or   L'Occasionnelle card 2

Proof of payment

A validated transit fare is your proof of payment. You must keep it for the duration of your trip and show it to an inspector upon request.

If you are unable to show proof of payment, you will be subject to a fine of up to $500 (plus costs).

  1. The 2-trip fare at the reduced fare is available only from fare booth attendant.
  2. The 2-trip fare may be purchased on a L'Occasionelle smart cards at all our points of sale.
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