5 ways for viewing bus schedules

Bus schedules in real time are now online

Get our most accurate estimate for your bus' departure time on the beta version of our website and our mobile site. I want to go to the beta.stm.info website now.

You can also download Transit, a mobile app that provides bus schedules in real time. For iPhone - For Android

Why not offer real time on the app bearing our colours? See details

Did you know?

  • Scheduled service available through the website, mobile devices and telephone are updated daily to reflect any bus runs cancelled because of operational issues (mechanical problems, etc.) 
  • Schedules for the week show planned arrival times for the entire timetable period.
  • You can obtain a customized schedule, for the arrival times of your bus at your bus stop for a full week or for a single, specific day.


Would you like to have the arrival times for buses at your stop for an entire week? Under Useful Info, go to the Bus – Schedules section on the Networks page, select the bus line and stop that you want, and click on « Week ». You can print your customized bus schedule or save a copy on your computer or cellphone. The latter will be accessible at all times, even when not connected to the internet.

You can also select the bus schedule for a specific day including updates for daily events or operational issues, by clicking on « Day ». By saving the results page, you can keep the schedule in the favourites list in your browser.

You can also review bus schedules in the Getting Around menu, under the Schedules tab and obtain bus arrival times at a specific bus stop.


Discover how our SMS services, our mobile apps or our mobile site can help you plan your trip. The mobile site provides the same information as the classic site but is adapted to the majority of mobile devices. There's no need to install your iPhone or Android app to access it.

m.stm.infoNew! Visit our beta mobile site to access real-time bus schedule


Call 514 288-6287 (A•U•T•O•B•U•S)

You can obtain:

 1. The arrival times of the next three buses
 2.  A bus schedule for the next seven days
 3. The arrival times of the next three buses with a front ramp
 4. A bus schedule for the next seven days of buses with a front ramp

You will be asked for the five-digit bus stop code and bus line number.

You will find this code on the sign at the bus stop or by using the Schedules tool in the Getting around section of this Web site.

At the bus stop

Read the Infobus panel showing the arrival times of buses at the stop, including express and night service buses. 

Printed schedule

Available on buses and in métro stations. You can also print out bus schedules using the "Schedules" tool in the Getting around section of this Web site.

Your customized bus schedule at your fingertipsIcône Horaire de bus pour une semaine

Would you like to have the arrival time of YOUR bus at YOUR stop on hand or posted on your fridge? A new feature is now available for viewing a given bus schedule for a full week at a specific bus stop. You can keep an electronic or paper copy, depending on your needs.


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