iBUS - Real time

iBUS: your bus schedule in real time

Real-time information allows you to be better informed at all times. It’s great for checking how much time there is before the next bus leaves your bus stop. You get a better estimate of your bus’s departure time, and you can track its location in real time.

Several information tools are now available, such as schedules on our mobile website, the Transit and Chrono apps, passenger information terminals and more.

Choose the real-time information tool best suited to your needs

iBUS: something fore everyone

  • Improved punctuality and regularity of bus service
  • More precise customer information before trip while on the move
  • Better communication about transit system accessibility
  • Greater distribution of bus capacity
  • Greater safety aboard buses thanks to geolocation
  • Unified view of transit system
  • Integation of bus priority system at traffic lights
  • Another step toward improved universal access

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Learn about the advantages of iBUS in this video on YouTube

Real-time implementation : steps completed

  • Installation and activation of equipment in our buses
  • Installation of a new generation of digital radio communication
  • Deployment of a new network-wide operations centre
  • Implementation of information terminals: 26 terminals at busy bus stops and 64 in métro entrance buildings
  • Real-time bus schedules on all our information tools
  • Display screens and audio messages in each bus
  • Bus locations available to users on our website, mobile website and the Transit and Chrono apps

Customer-focused project: learn about the information tools

Texte important

A communication campaign was conducted in our network in October and November 2018.

You can review bus schedules in real time on our website in the Getting Around menu, under the Schedules and maps tab and obtain our most accurate estimate for your bus' departure time at a specific bus stop. Real time also available under Useful Info, go to the Bus – Schedules section on the Networks page, select the bus line and stop that you want.

You can also select the bus schedule for a specific day including updates for daily events or operational issues, by clicking under Useful Info, go to the Bus – Schedules section on the Networks page, select the bus line and stop that you want. By saving the results page, you can keep the schedule in the favourites list in your browser.

Would you like to have the arrival times for buses at your stop for an entire week? Under Useful Info, go to the Bus – Schedules section on the Networks page, select the bus line and stop that you want, and click on « Week ». You can print your customized bus schedule or save a copy on your computer or cellphone. The latter will be accessible at all times, even when not connected to the internet.

Real time at your fingertips

Should you walk or run to your bus stop? Make smart decisions while you’re on the move thanks to bus schedules in real time available with mobile apps.

Download it!
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Download it!
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For Android

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Working with all the developers

Many transit apps already use our open data to create reliable tools that perform well and are capable of quickly responding to your evolving mobility needs.Discover them all  in this gallery.

You still have the application bearing the color of the STM on your mobile phone? Do not forget to remove it from your device, then download one of our partner apps

The mobile site provides the same information as the classic site but is adapted to the majority of mobile devices. There's no need to install your iPhone or Android app to access it.


Receive real time bus schedules by text message 1

Dial 52786 (LASTM), then enter your bus line number and bus stop code in the message box (separate the bus line number from the bus stop code with a space).

For example:

You’re at a bus stop at the corner of boulevard René-Lévesque and Beaver Hall (bus stop code 52627) and you want to know at what times the next eastbound 435 Express du Parc/Côte-des-Neiges buses will arrive.

  • Enter call sign 52786 (LASTM).
  • In your message, enter the bus line number followed by the bus stop code: 435 52627
  • The reply SMS will show the arrival times of the next three buses on that line at your stop.
  1. Your telecommunications service provider may bill you for data transmission over its network: standard messaging fees and other charges may apply. Check with your provider and subscribe to a package, if necessary.

Call 514 288-6287 (A•U•T•O•B•U•S)

You can obtain:

 1. The arrival times of the next three planned buses in real time
 2.  A bus schedule for the next seven days
 3. The real times of the next three planned buses with a front ramp
 4. A bus schedule for the next seven days of buses with a front ramp

You will be asked for the five-digit bus stop code and bus line number.

You will find this code on the sign at the bus stop or by using the Schedules tool in the Getting around section of this Web site.

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Information terminals on YouTube



Photos: Louis-Étienne Doré

  • Honoré-Beaugrand
  • Radisson
  • Langelier
  • Cadillac
  • Assomption
  • Viau
  • Pie-iX
  • Joliette
  • Frontenac
  • Papineau
  • Guy-Concordia
  • Angrignon
  • Jolicoeur
  • Lasalle
  • De l'Église
  • Henri-Bourassa
  • Sauvé
  • Crémazie
  • Beaubien
  • Laurier
  • Rosemont
  • Mont-Royal
  • Sherbrooke
  • Square-Victoria-OACI
  • Lionel-Groulx
  • Charlevoix
  • Côte-Vertu
  • Snowdon
  • Villa-Maria
  • Vendôme
  • Place-Saint-Henri
  • Côte-Sainte-Catherine
  • Plamondon
  • Namur
  • Du Collège
  • Fabre
  • De Castelnau
  • Parc
  • Outremont
  • Saint-Michel
  • Côte-des-Neiges
  • Boul. Lacordaire at the corner of Henri-Bourassa
  • De Chateaubriand at the corner of Jean-Talon
  • Beaumont at the corner of L'Acadie
  • Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges at the corner of Barclay
  • Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges at the corner of Queen-Mary
  • Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges at the corner of de la Peltrie
  • Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges at the corner of Jean-Brillant
  • Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges at the corner of Bedford
  • Lakeshore at Cegep/College John Abbott
  • Fairview bus terminal
  • Boul. Henri-Bourassa at the corner of Saint-Michel
  • Boul. Saint-Michel at the corner of Jarry
  • Boul. Saint-Michel at the corner of Beaubien
  • Boul. Saint-Michel at the corner of de Louvain
  • Boul. Saint-Michel at the corner of Émile-Journault
  • Bloomfield at the corner of Jarry Ouest
  • De Liège at the corner of De l'Épée
  • Dunkirk at the corner of Cornwall
  • Sherbrooke at the corner of Benny
  • Sherbrooke at the corner of Westmore
  • Deserres at the corner of Grenet
  • Boul. Henri-Bourassa at the corner of Saint-Denis
  • Président-Kennedy Avenue at the corner of Jeanne-Mance
  • Jarry at the corner of 22e avenue

Bus line number


Direction (North, South, East, West)


Bus line name 


Accessible bus


Bus at stop. Flashing bus = imminent departure

Real time displayed in minutes: time left before next bus departure

Time of next planned bus


Hourglass indicating delay because of traffic congestion


Message CONGESTION displayed alternately with bus line name when vehicle is not moving

Information displayed on the terminals:

  • Arrival times of next buses
  • Display of departures in planned times (example: 14h22)
  • DIsplay of departures in real time (example: in 8 min.)
  • Status of traffic congestion of next buses

Now available: real time bus schedules on digital bus shelters.

 Where are these digital bus shelters?

Below is a list of all intersections where digital transit shelters are located

  • Atwater / De l'Acadie
  • Atwater / Du Bois-de-Boulogne
  • Atwater / Saint-Laurent
  • Atwater / Berri
  • Atwater / Sauvé
  • Beaver Hall / De Louvain
  • Berri / Sauvé
  • Berri / Henri-Bourassa
  • Berri / Fleury
  • Christophe-Colomb / Sauvé
  • Christophe-Colomb / Legendre
  • Christophe-Colomb / Côte-des-Neiges
  • Christophe-Colomb / Émile-Journault 
  • Christophe-Colomb / Stationnement
  • Christophe-Colomb / Crémazie
  • Côte-des-Neiges / Émile-Journault
  • Côte-des-Neiges / Jarry
  • Côte-des-Neiges / Saint-Laurent
  • Côte-des-Neiges / Van Horne
  • Côte-Sainte-Catherine / Crémazie
  • Côte-Sainte-Catherine / Décarie
  • Côte-Vertu / Cavendish
  • De la Montagne / Côte-Sainte-Catherine
  • De l'Acadie / Villeray
  • De l'Acadie / Bloomfield
  • De l'Assomption / Faillon
  • De Lorimier / Hudson
  • De Maisonneuve / Jean-Brillant
  • De Maisonneuve / Girouard
  • De Maisonneuve / Hingston     
  • De Maisonneuve / Clark  
  • De Monkland / Beaumont   
  • Des Pins / Saint-Dominique
  • D'Iberville / Saint-Denis
  • Dorion / Saint-Michel   
  • Du Parc / Ridgewood 
  • Du Président-Kennedy / Bélanger 
  • Du Square-Victoria / De Vendôme
  • Édouard-Montpetit / Saint-Zotique
  • Frontenac / Beaubien
  • Henri-Bourassa / Bélanger
  • Henri-Bourassa / Beaubien
  • Henri-Bourassa / Rosemont 
  • Henri-Bourassa / De Saint-Vallier
  • Henri-Bourassa / Jean-Talon   
  • Hochelaga / Beaubien
  • Jarry  / Sherbrooke 
  • Jean-Talon / De Maisonneuve
  • Jean-Talon / University   
  • Jean-Talon / Redpath
  • Jean-Talon / Notre-Dame    
  • Jean-Talon / 3e Avenue
  • Jean-Talon / Peel
  • Lacordaire / Peel
  • Langelier / Mansfield 
  • Langelier / De la Montagne
  • Masson / De Maisonneuve 
  • Metcalfe / Peel    
  • Ontario / Mansfield
  • Ontario / René-Lévesque
  • Ontario / Robert-Bourassa
  • Papineau / De Maisonneuve
  • Papineau / Stanley 
  • Papineau / René-Lévesque
  • Papineau / René-Lévesque
  • Papineau / Bélanger
  • Peel / Saint-Joseph
  • Peel / Sainte-Catherine
  • Peel / Robert-Bourassa
  • Peel / De l'Hôtel-de-Ville
  • Peel / De Maisonneuve
  • Pie-IX / Saint-Jacques 
  • Pie-IX / De La Gauchetière 
  • Pie-IX / Belmont
  • Pie-IX / Beaver Hall
  • Pie-IX / De Bordeaux 
  • Queen-Mary / Amherst 
  • Queen-Mary / Notre-Dame
  • René-Lévesque / René-Lévesque
  • René-Lévesque / Beaubien
  • René-Lévesque / Rosemont
  • René-Lévesque / Saint-Laurent
  • René-Lévesque / Saint-Antoine
  • Robert-Bourassa / De Maisonneuve
  • Rosemont / René-Lévesque
  • Saint-Denis / Young
  • Saint-Denis / Sherbrooke 
  • Sainte-Catherine / Moreau
  • Sainte-Catherine / Amherst 
  • Saint-Hubert / Sherbrooke
  • Saint-Hubert / Sainte-Catherine
  • Saint-Laurent / Sherbrooke
  • Saint-Laurent / De Maisonneuve
  • Saint-Laurent / Sainte-Catherine 
  • Saint-Laurent / Hochelaga
  • Saint-Laurent / De Cadillac
  • Saint-Michel / Saint-Germain          
  • Saint-Michel / Langelier   
  • Saint-Urbain / Langelier 
  • Sherbrooke / Ontario
  • Sherbrooke / Des Groseilliers
  • Sherbrooke / Centre commercial Place Versailles
  • Sherbrooke / Tupper
  • Sherbrooke / Pont Jacques-Cartier/ Papineau dir. N  
  • Sherbrooke / Hudson 
  • Sherbrooke / La Rampe   
  • Sherbrooke / Union    
  • Sherbrooke / De Vendôme 
  • Sherbrooke / René-Lévesque  
  • Sherbrooke / Ontario   
  • Sherbrooke / Circle 
  • Sherbrooke / Du Trianon    
  • Sherbrooke / Atwater 
  • Sherbrooke / De Chateaubriand
  • Sherbrooke / Pie-IX 
  • Union / Fleury   
  • Union / Marcel-Laurin 
  • Viau / Jeanne-Mance    
  • Viger / Lionel-Groulx  
  • Wellington / De Cadillac

Available on buses and in métro stations. You can also print out bus schedules using the "Schedules" tool in the Getting around section of this Web site.

Read the Infobus panel showing the planned arrival times of buses at the stop.

Did you know?

In June 2015, this passenger information terminal was installed at the corner of Henri-Bourassa and Lacordaire boulevards to conduct technical testing.

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Demonstration of a passenger information terminal on YouTube

Testing was underway on the 32 Lacordaire and 144 Avenue des Pins bus lines in December 2015, during which upcoming stops were announced inside the bus. These tests served to verify the sound quality, accuracy of information and performance of the data transmission system. Transit users took part in these test by texting us their comments. Here are a few:

« The display screen is brillant: I never worry about missing my stop »

« A great idea to announce bus stops this way. It allows us to know where we are and it's all looks quite futuristic »

« I really appreciated the bus stop identification, both visual and audio, especially because it's a new bus route for me »

Display screen testing on a bus

Listen to the announcement inside a bus stop

Bus stops announcement

Display screen testing on a bus
You can hear and see the next stops announced inside all our buses since the end on January, 2017.

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Le positionnement des bus en temps réel est arrivé : stm.info on YouTube

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Les horaires de bus en temps réel sont arrivés : stm.info on YouTube


The solution chosen by the STM - a powerful, scalable, high-tech system - has been tested in other major cities, including York, Vancouver, Dubaï, Oslo, Stockholm, Seattle, New York, and Munich. Signed in fall 2012 with the German firm INIT Innovations in Transportation (Eastern Canada) Inc., the contract covers the purchase and implementation of a passenger information and operational support system, including new radio infrastructure and radio equipment for the entire fleet of vehicles.

Real time is made possible thanks to vehicle geolocation. By knowing the exact position of every bus on the road, it is possible to predit at what time the bus will really arrive at a bus stop and to communicate this information to customers in real time. This information is displayed in minutes and is available 60 minutes before the bus arrives at the stop (e.g. bus in 15 minutes).

Schedules adjusted daily are schedules that include updates based on daily events and operational issues.

Available on the day of travel under the headings : Schedules and maps or from the Bus – Schedules section of the « Our networks » menu, select the bus line and stop you want and choose « day ».

Planned schedules: Planned times are the times a bus arrives as planned. Modified 4 times a year. Perfect to help you plan your transit rides several days in advance. This information is shown in hours on all customer information tools and schedules (e.g. 13h14).

Available from these tools: Planibus, and when you choose another day than the current one, under Schedules and maps. Planned schedules are also available in the Bus – Schedules section of the « Our networks » menu. Choose the bus line and stop you want and select « Week ».

Note that planned schedules are used by the trip planning algorithm YOUR TRIP when suggesting travel options.

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