Transport adapté's handbook for customers

Paratransit service handbook

To learn more about the service provided by Transport adapté, please read our handbook, available in PDF, Word or audio formats. 

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Paratransit service
Paratransit service
Area served
Operating hours for transportation
Types of vehicles
Call centre
Legal holidays and transportation schedules during special events
Suspension of service
Time allowance prior to transportation
Time allowance for transportation
Transportation for disabled visitors

Fares and fare collection
Fares and fare collection
Fare payment methods
Different ways of paying your fare
Fare collection and control
Identity card

Requests for transportation
Requests for transportation
Information required to make a reservation
Regular transportation
Occasional transportation
Group transportation
Transportation in the metropolitan area
Online reservation
Automated services
Requesting transportation by telephone with an agent

Travel companions
Travel companions
Compulsory assistance by a travel companion
Optional assistance by a travel companion
Children and parental responsibility
Temporary assistance by a travel companion for during the familiarization period
Travel companion in the bus and métro system
Service dogs

Changes, cancellations and no-shows
Changes, cancellations and no-shows
Changing the time of return transportation
Cancelling transportation
Frequent no-shows and cancellations
Temporary interruption of transportation

Standards of conduct and restrictions
Being ready at the confirmed time for boarding
Arrival of driver
Clearing the way
Identification of the paratransit service user
In the event of an accident
Safe transportation of children
Three- and four-wheel scooters
Using a wheelchair aboard a standard taxi
Transporting a second wheelchair
Luggage, groceries and shopping bags
Review of customer file by the admission commitee
Updating information in the file
Change of address

Clients with an intellectual disability or psychological impairment
Clients with an intellectual disability or psychological impairment
Before boarding
While boarding
Taking charge of a customer

To reach us
To reach us
Contact details
Comments and complaints
Useful information

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