Where to buy transit fares

Inside STM installations

  • You can purchase transit fares from fare vending machines: payment in cash (maximum $80) and by debit and credit cards are all accepted;
  • Recharging terminals are used for recharging OPUS cards: only debit and credit card payments are accepted;
  • You can also purchase some fare cards, with cash only, from the ticket booth attendant in métro stations;
  • Transit fare cards are not sold aboard buses.
Texte important

Starting December 8, only smart credit and debit cards will be accepted by fare vending machines and recharging terminals.

If the chip in your bank card is damaged, please use another smart bank card for your transaction.

Fare cards for the 747 Aéroport P.-E.-Trudeau/Centre-ville shuttle

The 1-day (24 hours) fare card is valid aboard the 747 – Aéroport P.-E.-Trudeau/Centre-ville shuttle and is sold at all points of sale and other useful locations. Refer to the section on shuttle service to find out where.

When you purchase transit fares, keep your receipt.

It serves as your proof of purchase and will be required to claim a tax credit. We highly recommend that you photocopy your receipts, as some vending machines use a thermal ink that fades over time, making the receipt unusable.

From authorized retailers

You can purchase transit fare cards from points of sale located in various boroughs and municipalities in the greater Montréal area. Use the drop-down menu to find one near you.

Using a cell phone? Look up the optimized version for mobile devices.

Or refer to the complete list of retailers, available in a web-accessible adapted format.

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