Lionel-Groulx and its surroundings

 Upcoming work at Lionel-Groulx station and its surroundings

Project summary

This project involves two phases: Constructing a new building to house an electrical substation and replacing the waterproofing membrane covering the station’s underground roof.

Duration of the work: May 2020 to November 2023

Description of the work: Construction of a new electrical substation and replacement of the waterproofing membrane

Impact on métro: No

Impact on bus: Yes, some stops will be relocated.

Impact on customer trips

The station will remain open at all times during the work.

Because Greene Avenue will be closed between Delisle and Saint-Jacques as of May 19, 2020, the bus stops within that stretch will be relocated nearby.

  • The 211 Bord-du-Lac and 425 Express Anse-à-l’Orme stops will be relocated onto Saint-Jacques Street just west of Greene Street.
  • The 405 Express Bord-du-Lac stop will be merged with the 78 Laurendeau stop on Saint-Jacques Street east of Greene Street.
  • The 485 Express Antoine-Faucon stop will be relocated onto Saint-Jacques Street just east of Atwater Avenue.
  • The 71 Du Centre stop will be relocated onto Delisle Street just east of Atwater Avenue.

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Getting off the bus

To stay on schedule as much as possible, buses will let riders off on Saint-Jacques Street west of Greene Street. Riders will then have to walk about 200 metres to reach the Lionel-Groulx entrance building.

Riders cannot be let off closer to the station because buses would have to make a turn to get back to their pickup stops that would take several minutes, potentially more with traffic. This would result in late departures.

The bike shelter in the park behind the entrance building is located within the worksite of the waterproofing membrane replacement. It will therefore be closed from May 2020 to June 2021.

Impact on local residents

Rest assured that we will do everything necessary to minimize the impact of this work. We will ensure the following measures, among others:

  • Strict monitoring of noise levels: Any construction work likely to generate noise will generally be scheduled between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Hosing during demolition and excavation to reduce dust.

Pedestrian and bike detours

  • Due to the layout of the worksite, the bike path that runs through the park will be rerouted during the work. The detour will run down Rose-de-Lima Street and onto Delisle Street before rejoining Atwater Avenue.
  • The Premier-Chemin-de-fer pedestrian walkway will be closed during the work. Pedestrians will have to take Saint-Jacques Street or Delisle Street to reach Atwater Avenue or the station entrance building.

Buses will not be running on Delisle Street in 2020 because Greene Street will be closed, so there will be less traffic for Delisle Street residents during the work. We expect an average of four trucks per hour. In 2021, about 65% of buses will start running again on Delisle Street.

We will have to block six parking spaces on Delisle Street and about five on Saint-Jacques Street during the work.

Some trees located within the worksite will be replanted elsewhere in the park, while others will have to be cut down. All cut trees will be replaced when the work is done. Landscaping will also be done on the site.

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This refurbishment is needed to maintain the métro’s electrical power supply system, as the equipment currently in use has reached the end of its service life.

Refurbishing an electrical substation presents a unique challenge as the métro’s power supply cannot be cut off during the work. The equipment must remain in use to ensure uninterrupted métro service.

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A public consultation was conducted about this project in 2017

Visit the webpage about this process to learn more and read the Commission’s recommendation report.

An electrical substation houses the equipment needed to supply power to the métro network. There are seven electrical substations located across the STM métro network.

The project will mainly consist of constructing a new building where the Lionel-Groulx garage is currently located, between Greene Avenue and Rose-de-Lima Street. This garage houses the current electrical substation. The new building will house updated electrical equipment and a garage where maintenance vehicles will be stored.

The current Lionel-Groulx garage, seen from Green Avenue.

We will also be replacing the waterproofing membrane that protects the station’s underground roof from leaks. This worksite will cover an area from the station’s main entrance building to the garage, located west of Greene Avenue.

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No. The electrical equipment’s fans are equipped with powerful noise suppressors. Once the station is operational, the noise it emits will comply with municipal by-laws and will be no louder than current levels. In fact, it will be lower than normal conversation or the area’s usual ambient noise level.

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This work is made possible through funding from the ministère des Transports du Québec.

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