Work has been completed.

The roof needs repairs? An opportunity to take action against heat islands!

The roof of Viau métro station had reached the end of its service life and had to be completely refurbished. Our architects seized on the opportunity to include a white water-proofing membrane. It performs just as well as the traditionally darker water-proofing membranes, but features an additional quality: by reflecting light back, it helps to counter the heat island effect, widespread in urban environments.

Sustainable repair work like this enables us to properly protect the station's infrastructure, until the station's major refurbish project begins sometime in 2018. The expected lifespan for such roofs is about 20 years.

Furthermore, as they are staggered until spring, the work will not impact your transit use. The station will continue to be accessible at all time, and bus stops will not be moved. The bicycle stands will still be available for use, but they will be moved slightly closer to the street.

This work is made possible through funding from the Ministry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification.

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