Final phase of the transformation

By fall 2020, the entire Berri-UQAM station will have literally changed face. The Green line platforms will also be universally accessible, thanks to the addition of two elevators.

On the menu for the next two years:

  • Addition of elevators connecting to the Green line platforms
  • End of installation of new wall finishes in remaining areas, mainly on mezzanine level
  • Complete transformation of the floor openings, architectural features through which the Green line tracks are visible from the mezzanine.
  • Modern revamp of the shop fronts
  • Modernization of UQAM’s facade
  • Roll-out of the new family of signage tools for the entire station
  • New layout for fare payment area
  • Improvement of lighting

Check out some pictures of the station after the work:

Work in progress

Description of work
Reorganization of turnstiles

Alternate route
Use the next turnstiles

Description of work
Construction of the elevator to Angrignon platform, causing the closure of the back section of Montmorency train platform

Alternate route
Use the central mall

Why is taking so long?

The work must be carried out at night, squeezed into a two-and-half-hour shift so it does not interfere with the métro service. This, plus the fact the station has eight levels, explains the lengthy timeframe. Furthermore, Berri-UQAM is the busiest station in the system, with 12.1 million transit users passing through its turnstiles each year.

Work completed since 2010

Berri-UQAM gets a facelift: here’s the latest update!

  • From summer 2010 to fall 2011: we removed the wall finishes in most of the station's public areas and replaced them with temporary coverings until the permanent finishes could be installed.
  • From winter 2012 to summer 2012: we completed the removal of wall finishes and dismantled the decorative red columns that no longer met with today's standards.
  • In early 2013: our work crews took on the task of reconditioning the station's main electrical conduits, which led to the temporary shutdown of several escalators.
  • In 2013: we renovated the Berri and Place Dupuis entrance buildings, by replacing the structural slab, ceilings and lighting, as well as the floor coverings and granite stairs.
  • From fall 2013 to fall 2014: we replaced part of the waterproofing membrane under Berri. Although unseen by the general public, this work is required to protect the inside of the station.
  • 2015: we completed the refurbishment of the Yellow line environment, with reconditioned wall finishes and floor coverings, improved lighting, work on the tunnel ceiling, the demolition and rebuilding of the walkway above the tracks.
  • 2016: Refurbishment of Saint-Denis entryway, reconfiguration of a few circulation zones around the Orange and Green line train platforms, refurbishment of stairs between these two levels.
  • Between 2015 and 2017, the station’s transformation focused on the Green and Orange lines. These areas of the station are now brighter, more welcoming and more user-friendly. Some areas have not been touched and will be finalized during the final phase of the work.
Texte important

Berri-UQAM in numbers

  • 31,269 m2 of station surface area (more than five football fields)
  • Over 600 STM employees working inside the station
  • 28 escalators
  • 3 public elevators in operation, and 1 private
  • 625 steps (more than double the number of Saint-Joseph’s Oratory)
  • 6 levels with 2 others housing mechanical rooms
  • 6 platforms plus connecting tracks
  • 5 entrance buildings
  • 27.4 metres depth from lower platform to an exit. Only Charlevoix station is deeper.
  • 13 shops inside the station

This work is made possible through funding from the MInistry of Transportation, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification.

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