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NEW! - Take a break at Berri-UQAM station's Escale !

A new architectural zone is now ready to welcome exhibitions that focus on public transit.  

Halfway down the Saint-Denis corridor, you will come across an area unlike any other in the underground system: the Escale. With its structuring design, this zone transports you to a world where time and space are suspended. Both a place to rest and get together with others, Escale offers a momentary respite while you are on the move.

Over time, exhibitions with themes relating to public transportation will liven up this showcase area. For its inaugural showing, Escale features a trip back in time: the exhibit currently on display is dedicated to the métro's 50th anniversary.

Vue de l'édicule Sainte-Catherine      Vue de l'édicule Sainte-Catherine

The closure of the Saint-Catherine entrance allowed us to update all the components of this access to contemporary taste.

  • Demolition and reconstruction of the structural slab;
  • Installation of a new sealing membrane;
  • Renovation of the floor coverings;
  • Repair of the fixed stairway;
  • Installation of new wall finishes;
  • Modernization of the ceiling;
  • Replacement of the lighting;
  • Deployment of the new family of signage tools.

Work will resume in spring 2018

Berri-UQAM gets a facelift: here’s the latest update!

The Berri-UQAM station, the busiest in the network with 12.256 million transit users passing through its turnstiles each year, has been the scene of an extensive overhaul since the summer of 2010. Following almost six years of major renovations, let’s review the already completed phases of this important project!

The completed phases include:

  • From summer 2010 to fall 2011: we removed the wall finishes in most of the station's public areas and replaced them with temporary coverings until the permanent finishes could be installed.
  • From winter 2012 to summer 2012: we completed the removal of wall finishes and dismantled the decorative red columns that no longer met with today's standards.
  • In early 2013: our work crews took on the task of reconditioning the station's main electrical conduits, which led to the temporary shutdown of several escalators.
  • In 2013: we renovated the Berri and Place Dupuis entrance buildings, by replacing the structural slab, ceilings and lighting, as well as the floor coverings and granite stairs.
  • From fall 2013 to fall 2014: we replaced part of the waterproofing membrane under Berri. Although unseen by the general public, this work is required to protect the inside of the station.
  • 2015: we completed the refurbishment of the Yellow line environment, with reconditioned wall finishes and floor coverings, improved lighting, work on the tunnel ceiling, the demolition and rebuilding of the walkway above the tracks.
  • 2016: Refurbishment of Saint-Denis entryway, reconfiguration of a few circulation zones around the Orange and Green line train platforms, refurbishment of stairs between these two levels.

The new family of signage tools will gradually be added inside the station. Because this installation sometimes requires architectural and electrical work, we proceed one zone at a time, while monitoring work progress. For this reason, you will still see both types of signage side-by-side for the next few months in that station.

This new version of signage stands out thanks to its modern, structured approach that aims to make it easier for customers to find their way. To learn more about this new direction, have a look at our animation on signage.

What is signage?

Signage refers to a group of visual elements that, collectively, serve to convey one’s location or find one’s direction while on the move. In tangible terms, signage in the métro system includes all the elements identifying a station, directional signs, maps and directories.

Now that the Yellow line is done, it’s on to the Green and Orange lines!

The metamorphosis of this flagship station continues! The installation of the new wall finishes now completed for the Yellow line, it’s on to the Green and Orange lines for extensive renovations in those areas. On the list: replacement of wall finishes, refurbishment of suspended ceilings, upgrading of floor coverings and enhanced lighting.

Since the end of 2017, circulation zones and train platforms for the Green and Orange lines have been fully upgraded and modernized. Berri-UQAM is getting a facelift, and will soon be a friendlier, more welcoming and luminous station!

A look at the new white molten glass tiles that will soon cover most of the walls in the station.A look at the new white molten glass tiles that will soon cover most of the walls in the station.

This work is made possible through funding from the MInistry of Transportation, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification.

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